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Higher Organizational Committee


Name Position
Prof. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Mousa Chairman
Prof. Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Abduljabbar Vice Chairman
Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Alnajjar Member
Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Maikl Member
Dr. Othman bin Yahya Alothman Member
Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Alobaid Member
Dr. May Bint Salem Alnbaheen Member
Mr. Sultan bin Mohammed alsaleh Rapporteur
Mr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Albihlal Secretary


Scientific Committee


Name Position
Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Alnajjar Chairman
Dr. Othman bin Yahya Alothman Member
Dr. ِAdeeb Mohammed Alhomoud Member
Dr. Mohammed Alawairdhi Member
Dr. Thamer Alhussain Member
Dr. Abdullah Alruhaimi Member
Dr. Bader Almodarra Member
Dr. Abdulwahab Alkhamis Member
Dr. Omar Alhassoon Member
Dr. Nourredine A. Khababa Member
Dr. Mousa Al-Akhras Member
Mr. Ayman S. Alotiwi Rapporteur
Mr. Mohammad A. Almoqhem Secretary


Track Chairs


Track Name Supervisor
Track 1: BL: A new Trend in Education Dr. Mohammed Alawairdhi
Track 2: BL and Knowledge Economy Dr. Bader Almodarra
Track 3: Quality and Accreditation in Blended Learning Dr. Thamer Alhussain
Track 4: Global Experiences in BL Dr. Othman Alothman
Track 5: Future Opportunities and Challenges of BL Dr. Nourredine Khababa


Technical Committee


Name Position
Dr. Khaled Almejalli Chairman
Dr. Mousa Al-Akhras Member
Eng. Abdulaziz Alshamran Member
Eng. Omar Alotaibe Member
Eng. Mohammed Alshuwaier Member
Miss. Hajar Alabbad Member


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